Blooms Partners with Miss Hollywood Jewelry


Blooms has some exciting news for its customers. We are partnering with Miss Hollywood Jewelry and are currently carrying their jewelry products in our Edison Plaza shop, in Beaumont. We feel that this is a great service to Blooms shoppers as well as to Miss Hollywood Jewelry’s customers.

Who Is Miss Hollywood Jewelry?

Miss Hollywood Jewelry was founded by Ayna Sehgal, a television personality and avid fashionista. She started the company to bring customers affordable, stylish jewelry. Many of her pieces are from local small jewelry designers, though a lot of the jewelry is inspired by the cultures of India, Trinidad and Tabago. Miss Hollywood Jewelry aims to bring customers unique, memorable pieces that are also very stylish, hot season trends.

Why Is Miss Hollywood Jewelry Coming to Blooms?

Part of the Miss Hollywood Jewelry mission is to bring its customers these fashionable, affordable pieces in a comfortable, pleasant setting that features excellent customer service and an all around great experience. Miss Hollywood Jewelry eschews crowded mall settings where everyone is rushed and customers can’t even stop to catch their breath. That makes Blooms an ideal choice to carry the Miss Hollywood Jewelry products.

At Blooms, customers can not only stop to catch their breath, but stop to smell the roses too. They can enjoy the beauty, serenity, and peace that comes from being in a flower shop while the friendly, helpful Blooms staff answers their questions and helps them feel at home.

How Do Blooms Customers Benefit?

Blooms customers benefit from having Miss Hollywood Jewelry on-premises because flowers and jewelry are such a natural pairing. Very often when someone is looking for the perfect gift for that special someone flowers or jewelry are at the top of the list. By having Miss Hollywood Jewelry conveniently located within the Blooms stores, our shoppers can have the best of both worlds. Shoppers who intended to go to a jewelry store anyway can make one all-inclusive stop instead. Meanwhile customers who may have overlooked jewelry can snag the perfect accessory to complement their bouquets or floral arrangements.

The addition of Miss Hollywood Jewelry products at Blooms offers Beaumont residents a special, previously unavailable service. Until this partnership was formed the only way for Beaumont citizens to get Miss Hollywood Jewelry’s exquisite pieces was by shopping online or driving to one of the Houston locations that carried them. We are pleased to bring the people of Beaumont and the surrounding Southeast Texas area a closer, more convenient option. We have a feeling that anyone planning to purchase either flowers or jewelry will be doubly delighted by the ease with which they can now get both.