How Fragrant Flowers Create Joyful Homes


When the subject of flowers comes up internet articles, blogs, print books, magazines, television, and other forms of media all typically emphasize the flower’s visual beauty. In most cases it just isn’t plausible to do justice to the lovely floral fragrance that these gorgeous blossoms also come with. However, to ignore the sweet aroma of freshly picked flowers is to do them a great disservice and to overlook one of their main benefits within the home. What follows are the key points about how fragrant flowers create joyful homes.

The Original Air Freshener

In this age of renewed focus on natural products it is easy for consumers to appreciate nature’s original air freshener: fragrant flowers. Fragrant flowers create a fresh, clean scent within the home without the use of any artificial chemicals or pollutants. They also create an environment that feels fresh and clean.

As anyone can atest small plays a crucial role in people’s perception of cleanliness and health. Thus even a well kept home may come off as dirty or unpleasant if it has a stale smell or an overly-chemical cloud permeating it. Fresh flowers cut through the haze and give the home a vibrant, healthy quality that is welcoming to residents and visitors alike.

Forget-Me-Nots Live Up to Their Name

With the exception of vision, no sense is as closely tied to memory as the sense of smell. A brief whiff of something familiar can instantly transport a person back in time and have them reliving the memories associated with the aroma. It is such a powerful connection that a long-forgotten fragrance can kick in years or even decades after the memory was formed.

A bouquet or arrangement of fragrant flowers is the ideal way to trigger long lost, pleasant memories and they will also help the person smelling them form new memories. Perhaps it is this olfactory connection which in part makes flowers such an integral part of the romance process. After all what better way to remember why you fell in love with someone than by deeply inhaling a bouquet of your favorite flowers?

Aromatherapy At Its Finest

Perhaps the best and most important benefit of fragrant flowers is the way they make people feel. Scientific research and anecdotal evidence alike reveal the important role pleasant smells play in creating good moods and positive mental function. Good smells can help reduce stress, lift the spirits, and promote feelings of happiness and well being. There is even evidence suggesting that good fragrances can boost overall health and productivity.

When you want to create a particular type of mood around the house go beyond lighting and music and add a little floral flourish. Certain types of flowers are ideal for relaxation and stress reduction, while others invigorate the senses and spur action and energy. Flowers also of course have a reputation for romance and sensuality and a large part of that comes from their fragrance.

Scents for Specific Spaces

The next time you want to buy flowers remember to let your nose case a vote in the final selection. A flower’s visual beauty will certainly be a major determinant; however, you will also want to create harmony in smell. Choose a bouquet or arrangement that pleases all of your senses, especially your nose. Consider how the fragrance makes you feel. If you find it relaxing or soothing then the flower might be ideal for the bedroom, whereas if it gives you a little jolt of energy you may want to buy it for your desk or workspace. If an aroma immediately calls to mind wildflowers and clean linen then the arrangement may be well suited to your living room.

The great thing about flowers is that they all come with their own unique fragrances and they invite people to mix and match different types to find the best aromas. Everyone is different and everyone has their own scent preferences. Take a few deep breaths and create a joyful home that makes your senses sing by experimenting and designing your own signature fragrance.