Top 14 Sun-Loving Flowers


There are many beautiful varieties flowers which require some partial shade to grow and remain healthy. Too much harsh sun will burn these delicate buds and result in a less-than-gorgeous flowerbed. That’s a real bummer for people in bright climates with sun-bathed lawns and gardens. Fortunately there are also quite a few sun-loving flowers that thrive in full sun. What follows are our picks for the top 14 sun-loving variety of

1.) African Daisies – African Daisies are a big, bold, and bright flower. They commonly come with orange petals and purple centers. However, other varieties such as red, yellow, pink, or white flowers also exist. The blossoms are up to 4 inches across and the plant itself typically grows to about 1-2 feet in height.

2.) Angelonia – Angelonias are a hardy variety of flowers which are good at tolerating heat, drought, or humidity. They come in white, pink, purple, or violet and often feature contrasting colors inside the eye of the flower. They resemble small snapdragons and are even frequently known as the summer snapdragon.

3.) Blanket Flowers – Blanket flowers are a very vibrant, cheery variety that are certain to enliven any garden that includes them. They bloom in single or double daisy-like blossoms with bright, brick red petals tinged with a yellow border. They grow well along walls and fences.

4.) Feather Celosia – Feather Celosia are also commonly called plume celosia. They feature a feathered plume-shaped blossom which come in shades of yellow, orange, red, or pink. Due to their plumed nature their flowers stand well above the rest of the surrounding foliage, making them very striking and eye-catching.

5.) Daylilies – Daylilies are a remarkable family of flowers with over 50,000 hybrid cultivars. Daylilies bloom into delicate-looking, trumpet-shape blossoms, but don’t be fooled, this hardy plant isn’t especially delicate and is so easy to grow that it can often be found growing in the wild. Daylilies come in a myriad of different colors.

6.) Lamb’s Ear – Lamb’s ears earned their colorful colloquial name due to their resemblance to an actual lamb’s ear. They come white, red, pink, purple, and violet varieties and make very good ground covering plants to prevent bare spots in gardens. Folk wisdom holds that they may also help heal injuries such as bee stings.

7.) Lantana – Lantanas have disc-shaped, colorful flowers which are ideal for attracting hummingbirds and butterflies. They typically feature multiple colors on a single flower head and their colors range from yellows, golds, and oranges to pinks, purples, reds, and whites. They grow well in flowerbeds, flower boxes, or hanging baskets.

8.) Lavender – Lavender is extremely well-known for both its color and it’s distinctive, fragrant smell. The good news for lavender lovers is that it grows very well in full sunlight and thrives as long as it is not over-watered or placed in poorly drained soil. Lavender makes a very enjoyable addition to many gardens.

9.) Melampodium – Melampodium is also commonly referred to by its colloquial name “butter daisy.” It is so called because it features bright, cheery-looking yellow or gold daisy-like flowers. Melampodium thrives in sunshine and heat, but it withers in dry conditions, so make sure to keep this flower moist and well-hydrated.

10.) Mojave Sage – Mojave Sage is a native of California’s Mojave Desert region which gives a good indication of its fondness for sun and heat. It is a sub-shrub plant which can grow up to three feet tall and three feet or more wide, making it ideal to fill out bare spaces in gardens. It blooms with delicate, violet-blue flowers.

11.) Moss Rose – Moss Rose is a standout sun-lover on a list of sun-loving flowers. It thrives in sun-drenched climates, shrugs off drought, and even happily endures poor soil quality, all the while rewarding its gardener with luxuriant colors. Moss Rose comes in vibrant reds, oranges, magentas, and yellows, but it also has a whole pastel color palette of creamy whites, pinks, and peaches.

12.) Purple Coneflowers – Purple Coneflowers belong to the Echinacea genius of flowers. They are known for attracting insects such as bees and butterflies which could have a positive effect on the rest of the garden. Remarkably purple coneflowers tend to grow best in relatively poor soil, since rich soil leads to lush foliage growth, but fewer flowers.

13.) Sunflower – Sunflowers are perhaps the ultimate garden sun lover. These thrive in bright sun, are easy to grow, and may reach an impressive 12 foot height. An added bonus is that their namesake seeds make a delicious and natural snack. Sunflowers are known for their bright yellow petals; however, they also come in a wide variety of reds and oranges.

14.) Verbena – Verbena comes in an array of lovely flower colors such as blue, purple, red, pink, yellow, and white. Flowers are large, up to 3’’ across, making them ideal for bold, vibrant splashes of color within a garden. They do well in full sun and tolerate both drought and high humidity.

15.) Zinnia – Zinnia are outstanding flowers to plant when you’re on a budget – either a financial budget or a time budget. They are cheap to plant and grow very quickly, blooming in just weeks. They are available in a full spectrum of colors and are very attractive to pollinating insects.

The sun-loving flowers on this list were chosen for their variety, relative ease of growth, and of course their fondness for plenty of bright sun. However, while these are our top 14 sun-loving flowers, this is by no means a comprehensive list. We fully encourage you to go in pursuit of your own personal favorites list and we are happy to make additional recommendations as needed.