The Difference in Roses Based on Color


One of the best qualities of roses is that they come in such a wide variety of different possible colors. Every color is fragrant and beautiful in its own right and it is no wonder that the rose has arguably become the symbol of the floral industry as a whole. There’s just something captivating and timeless about the rose. However, before you run out and buy a bouquet of roses for that special someone, stop and read the following article about what the various colors of roses represent. After all, a rose by any other name may still be as sweet, but chances are you also want to make sure that the message you are sending is equally sweet and suitable.

Red Roses

What They Symbolize: Red roses are by far the most popular rose. They are also the color that’s symbol is best understood: love. Specifically red roses are the roses of romantic love. A bright, fiery red symbolize extra passion, while a cardinal red symbolizes desire. The traditional, true red is for true love in general.

The Occasion To Buy: Red roses are the flower of romantic courtship. If the romance is new consider buying just-budding red roses which represent a new, early love affair. If the romance is more established, such as with anniversaries, consider buying roses with big, full blooms to represent that the relationship itself has blossomed.

Yellow Roses

What They Symbolize: Yellow roses were once considered to symbolize jealousy. However, in contemporary times their message has fully evolved and softened into friendship of familial love. In this way they can be given both a token of domestic happiness or as an expression of sympathy.

The Occasion To Buy: Yellow roses make great gifts to friends to let them know you are thinking about them. They are also an ideal way to recognize the achievement of a family member. They brighten up a household and represent the love and happiness of the family so they also make great decorative flowers to keep around regardless of occasion.

Orange Roses

What They Symbolize: Orange roses pride and enthusiasm. There’s a sense of wonder and amazement present in the orange rose.

The Occasion To Buy: Orange roses make great gifts for graduates, people who have just gotten a promotion or hit another major milestone, and similar moments when you want to congratulate someone for a job well done.

Peach Roses

What They Symbolize: Peach roses are the rose of appreciation. There’s a deep sincerity and gratitude that accompanies a peach rose.

The Occasion To Buy: Peach roses should be given to someone who you truly and deeply appreciate. They are a great gift for someone who has done something special and meaningful for you and also make a good gift to a romantic partner to symbolize the on-going appreciation and gratitude you hold for the person.

Pink Roses

What They Symbolize: Pink roses are the rose of elegance and sophistication. They can also be given romantically to symbolize a less serious, more lighthearted relationship.

The Occasion To Buy: There’s an element of admiration to pink roses which make them ideal to give to someone whose beauty and elegance you admire. They also make a lighthearted, joyful gift.

White Roses

What They Symbolize: Just as white symbolizes purity in wedding gowns, so too does it represent purity and loyalty in the white rose. White roses also often represent remembrance.

The Occasion To Buy: A budding white rose is a popular gift from father to daughter. White roses can also be given to romantic partners with red roses to symbolize both the passion and romance of the relationship as well as its meaningful significance, fidelity, and loyalty.

Purple Roses

What They Symbolize: Deep purple roses represent majestic glory. Just as purple is the royal color so too does the purple rose represent regality. It can also symbolize eternal love.

The Occasion To Buy: Purple roses are best used to make a powerful statement. They might be present at a special, commemorative celebrations such as 25th (or higher) wedding anniversaries. They are given as a token of everlasting love and are the ideal gift to a long-time wife to maker her feel as royal and majestic as a queen.

Lavender Roses

What They Symbolize: Lavender roses symbolize love at first sight. They are a more tender expression of affection.

The Occasion To Buy: Consider buying lavender roses for someone if you have recently fallen in love with them and feel as though it happened from that first special look.

Black Roses

What They Symbolize: Black roses have traditionally symbolized death. However, they can also be seen to represent change in general.

The Occasion To Buy: Black roses are a more difficult rose to give appropriately. Only give them to someone if you are sure that they will be well-received as a welcome omen of change, or if you know the person will appreciate them merely for their appearance and not take a deeper significance from them.

Remember that roses are as colorful and unique as the people who give and receive them. Following these time-honored traditions and symbols of meaning can certainly enhance the experience of a bouquet of roses. However, don’t become so bogged down in tradition that you miss the chance to enjoy a beautiful rose for its innate appeal.