The Difference in Roses Based on Color


One of the best qualities of roses is that they come in such a wide variety of different possible colors. Every color is fragrant and beautiful in its own right and it is no wonder that the rose has arguably become the symbol of the floral industry as a whole. There’s just something captivating and timeless about the rose. However, before you run out and buy a bouquet of roses for that special someone, stop and read the following Continue reading

Top 14 Sun-Loving Flowers


There are many beautiful varieties flowers which require some partial shade to grow and remain healthy. Too much harsh sun will burn these delicate buds and result in a less-than-gorgeous flowerbed. That’s a real bummer for people in bright climates with sun-bathed lawns and gardens. Fortunately there are also quite a few sun-loving flowers that thrive in full sun. What follows are our picks for the top 14 sun-loving variety of Continue reading